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Le 45 tours vinyle

Level 42 - It's Over (1987)

Level 42 - It's Over (1987)

I won't be here when you come home
I'm sorry if you don't understand, forgive me if you can
But I can see another road
And I ain't coming back

Don't look for me around this town
'Cause I will be so far away, you'll never find me anywhere
And I won't take no souvenirs
No perfumed picture promises

Because it's over
And I ain't coming back

You gave me everything
And now I'm breaking your heart
You know that I don't mean
To tear your world apart

I would never leave
If I thought you couldn't stand the pain

A letter in the hall is written on the wall
A letter with no words of love at all
Because it's over
(Because it's over)
And I ain't coming back

And as I close the door
I know I'm breaking your heart
I should have loved you more
Instead I've torn your world apart

And as I walk into the lonely afternoon
I feel sad enough, I feel bad enough
And all the times when you are lonely where you are
Please don't hate me then
I just could not pretend, oh no

Feel the tears
I can feel the tears
Running through the years

Feel, feel the tears
I can feel the tears
Running through the years

M. King / W. Badarou / R. Gould

Présentation graphique : Ludovic PICAVET

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